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MamaLisa speaks about the metaphysical questions and topics that are
consistently asked of her. Many people have abilities, or gifts, that they
have either grown up with or suddenly discovered they are aware.  Many
need guidance in protecting themselves, in meditation, in focusing, and
many other areas of acknowledging and growing within themselves.  
These things and many more are what MamaLisa Cares Radio Show

Please join me Wednesdays 10pm EST until Midnight for wonderful
guests, discussions, and readings!!
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When you step to the edge of all the light you have ever
known,    you know one of two things will happen...either
there will be a    stone under your foot, or you will be
taught how to fly!!!!!  Unknown
My sister Susan Gonzalez will be joining us once a month
with discussions on Harmonic Resonance healing.  Her
website is and she
studies Ron and Robert's site for further understanding
for personal healing is   
The charity organization that I endorse as
much as possible is
Choroideremia. Please
read about this genetic disorder that effects
mostly males, and help us reach the target goal
to begin clinical testing.   Please make a
donation, no amount is too small - EVERY
dollar counts!!