If you are experiencing problems or if you are a paranormal group in need of a consultation on a
case, please,
contact us. We are a discreet, confidential, caring team of professionals focused
only on supporting you.

I am very blessed to serve with many capable and skilled individuals who have been called into "The Work."
Each member of the PD Crew brings their own unique set of gifts to every Demonic Cleansing, Deliverance,
or Malevolent Entity Removal. The combined knowledge of  our different religious and spiritual beliefs
enhances our abilities to counsel our clients through their stressful situation.


Please contact us for an evaluation.  
we DO NOT CHARGE for investigations, spirit removals, or demonic cleansings.
Mama Lisa

Spiritual Advisor, Psychic Readings, Medium, Physical & Spiritual Energy Cleansings,
Healings & Training, Entity Cleansings, Law Enforcement Cold Case Readings.

With almost 3 decades of hands-on experience after performing countless energy
healings, cleansings, psychic/mediumship readings and exorcisms, she has developed a
broad and unique set of skills. Her strengths are her unconditional love, strong faith,
wisdom, humility, and her joyous laughter. She has been called to help people from all
walks of life regardless of their religious beliefs or backgrounds, and approaches each and
every situation with great respect and sensitivity.

"I have encountered and been witness to a variety of experiences over the years that
allows me to have a special perspective of your situation. No matter what  you are living
with...you will not sound crazy to me!

Regardless of what is happening, you deserve the assistance and guidance that you are
searching for."
MLC Crew
Photo from Free Wolf Photo