I just sat in a gallery meeting with Mama Lisa at Dragon Con and I was impressed.  Without
any prior information from me, she identified the spirit of my niece, down to the fact that she
was bald.  She made comments about my career transition that were on target.  I would
attend another session with her.

Rosie 9/2010

These emails are from a very dear soul, Joel, whom I had the opportunity to meet earlier in
2010.  Here is his photo as well:

Dearest  Lisa,
Rarely do I allow someone to use my name in a testimonial.  I will make an exception for you
because you are the real deal.  You have my endorsement not only because of your unique
talents but also because of the way you use your talents to give hope and help unselfishly to
others.  The other reason I give you permission to use our messages is because of the love I
felt flow through me when we held hands and talked and when we hugged,  I could feel the
spirit of the Family of Light as you call it.  Keep spreading the love and the hope to others.  
Thanks for helping me discover my destiny.

Hi Lisa,
I am doing great.  Talking with you for 20 minutes brought the Love of God back into my life
in a strong way.  Its is amazing what you are able to see in people.  I have finished my family
tree, my destiny, and have the family emailing each other.  They were unaware of each other
for the longest time and I have brought closeness to the family in the name of Love.  The tree
brought a first cousin and her estranged husband back together and has rekindled their love
of each other.  Another cousin has picked up the ball and is chairwoman of bringing together
250 people for a family reunion in August 2011.  Your inspiration of letting me know angels
are looking after me has renewed my faith and I have been going back to Temple and am
closer to DAD when I go to the cemetery to talk to him.  I have begun mediation and Yoga in
hopes of expanding my mind to other possibilities that my eyes do not see You have become
a pivotal person in my life.  Thank you.

"After 5 years of having mysterious dreams and visions of my grandfather, massive panic
attacks and heartache from family trouble, my uncle suggested I contact you. After speaking
with you, I feel amazing! You knew about things that I had shared with no one, not even my
closest friends. You gave me help with problems I had, not to mention sound advice. I was
especially impressed that you were able to contact my grandfather! I used to cry for him
constantly and wish for him, and now I walk with my head held high knowing that he is walking
with me. Thank you, Mama Lisa, for being one of God's beautiful instruments and changing
my life! I forever owe you a massive debt of gratitude. "


"I have seen Lisa in action more than once, and can honestly say she is no joke. Her
dedication and ability to remove negative energy is unsurpassed. Honestly folks if you have
issues from the spirit realm of any type, Mama Lisa is your girl."

- MacKay, GA

"I was very frightened by the supernatural - desperate, even - but you went to great lengths
to help me, coming the very night I called. You came from across town and through a
thunderstorm. It was a profound relief to be believed and assisted on this level. Your visit was
a life-changing experience, and I am forever grateful."

- Mary, GA

"Lisa and Jeremy are very talented individuals. I had a very nasty spirit in my home, and they
came as soon as I called. They were very professional and quick. They were very concerned
about me and took the time to explain everything they were doing and even involved me in
the process. Mama Lisa is a very dear friend and I would trust her anytime to handle this type
of thing in the future."

- Stephanie, GA

"Lisa and her Crew are unbelievable. I was having some problems in my house with negative
entities and she her crew were able to help me out. They were very informative and explained
the process as they were going. They were very kind to me and my family. She was even
able to help my son with his gift. I would never hesitate to call her again if the need aro
Thank you!!!"

- Julie, GA

"The PD Crew changed our lives for the positive in ways they don't even realize!"

-Ande, GA
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